Seasonings7 Spices Olive Oil

An unexpected link between an Italian olive oil and a recipe of the Buddhist temple of Zenkoji in Nagano, Japan. This new flavored oil has been created in collaboration with Yawataya Isogoro, venerable firm founded over 280 years ago and renowned for its production of pepper spices.

The harmony between the fresh fruitiness of this extra-virgin olive oil and the refined spiciness of the Tôgarashi Shichimi (7 spices chili seasoning) makes it an ideal condiment for pasta and seafood.

  • Color: orange
  • Aroma: fruitiness of the oil allied with the subtle fragrance of the 7 spices : Chili, orange peel, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, perilla, Japanese pepper, ginger.
  • Taste: thanks to the variety of the spices combined with the red pepper, the taste is spicy without being aggressive and without covering the original flavor of the dish.
  • Use: cold on pizza, pasta and rice; or cooked in the preparation of sauce for sea food topping. In Japan a few drops may be poured on Tofu.
  • Tip: See our recipe "Pasta with Clams"
  • Format: 100ml - 250ml (Giftbox in option)

7 Spezie
Temple of
Image provided by Michael G. Khmelnitsky
Stylised Chili
by Yawataya
Credit Yawataya Isogoro

SeasoningsWhite Truffle Oil

This Extra-Virgin Olive Oil flavoured with white truffle aroma is an ideal seasonging to enhance the taste of First and Main Courses prepared with fresh truffle.

  • Color: golden
  • Aroma: slightly fruity with a pleasant aroma of white truffle.
  • Taste: delicate, characteristic of the white truffle.
  • Use: Delicious for the preparation of pasta, risotto, bruschetta (slice of grilled bread, rubbed with garlic and brushed with olive oil), fondues and truffle sauces.
  • Tip: See our Recipes: "Fettuccine with Truffle", "Truffled Capon"
  • Format: 100ml