Monte Bianco

Dosi:   4 people Time:


- 500 gr Chestnuts
- 210 gr Sugar
- 65 ml Water
- 50 gr Icing sugar
- 1 Glass of rum
- 500 ml Whipping cream
- 2 Meringues
- Toasted hazelnuts

1) Dissolve the sugar in water over low heat and gently cook until dropping point (it must not become candy). Retire it from flame and add the rum. Let cool.

2) Whip the cream and add 25 gr. sugar.

3) Crush 500 gr of boiled chestnuts.

4) Add the cooled syrup until you have reached the desired sweetness.

5) Form small mountains and cover generously with whipped cream.

6) Sprinkle crushed meringues and pieces of toasted peanuts.

A special thank
to Ritsuko Ikeda, Keiko Kuga et Satoshi Hirose (Photo above) for this excellent recipe prepared at our place.