Oildel Ponte Gold

This is our high-end product line, fruit of our own production and longtime collaboration with quality oriented local producers (oleic acidity between 0,1% and 0,3% according to the harvest).

Product available in two versions: Novello - Prodotto Italiano (numbered and customizable Edition, available from November), and the certified IGP Toscano version (Protected Geographical Indication).

  • Color: green opalescent (Must type) / Golden green (filtered).
  • Aroma: fruity with aromas of fresh grass.

  • Taste: herbal typical of the initial stage of maturation, more or less peppery according to the year but without excess. Round and balanced.
  • Olive Variety: Mainly "leccino" and "frantoio".
  • Use: to be used cold exclusively so that the fruity fragrance and herbal taste of the oil may join gently to the qualities of the food: salad, carpaccio, mozarella, pasta, rice, beans, grilled meat and fish.
  • Tip: the unfiltered version is available in limited quantities and should be consumed fresh: reservations are recommended in September for delivery in the second half of November.
  • Format: 250ml (Giftbox in option) - 500ml (Giftbox in option)

500ml Must
250ml Must

Oildel Ponte Silver

A 100% Italian extra-virgin, full-bodied and balanced, chosen to match to all the recipes of the Italian cuisine. The del Ponte Silver line is the ideal complement to the del Ponte Gold version, dedicated to the everyday use in the kitchen without compromise on quality.

New: soon available as Organic olive oil.

  • Color: gold with green reflections
  • Aroma: fruity with hints of green
  • Taste: fruity, balanced and clean.
  • Use: both cold and for cooking
  • Tip: Keep it close at hand in the kitchen! Good quality olive oil is essential for a good cook since oil and fat are the vehicle of taste!
  • Format: 250ml (Giftbox in option) - 500ml - 750ml - 3 litres (can)

3 Litres